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Accomodating children with

Once the goals and objectives are identified and expectations for the child's participation in that environment are established, the team selects or creates adaptations and accommodations that address those needs. You can request copies by phone at 612/624-4512 or e-mail at [email protected], or you can fax or mail us an order form.

Once implemented, their effectiveness should be assessed on an ongoing basis and revised as needed.

There may be variations in treatment that your pediatrician may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances.

Research shows that brain injury often harms basic cognitive abilities such as memory, learning, attention and concentration, word finding, and visual perception.These items may serve as a starting point for families who are looking for specific suggestions for problem areas, or for parents who are just learning of the types of issues that their anxious child may be contending with.Anxious children perform best in a calm, supportive, but organized classroom.Also the word chalkboard is used often and most schools do not utilize chalkboards anymore. Also typing devices like an alpha smart or i Pad will help with writing assignments.Children may come to school or child care as cancer survivors, or they may be diagnosed with cancer while enrolled.

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The long-term effects of brain injury can be catastrophic for students at any level.

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