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Tablets & netbooks can provide students with an easy way to record lectures, take images of notes that are scrawled on a board, and have instant access to a spell-checker, a calculator, and a computer engine that will read aloud text on a screen or even allow them to talk to the device and have it write down what they say.

Implementing dynamic active learning pedagogies is best facilitated by fusing technology with classroom elements such as furnishings, lighting, and writing surfaces.

If, however, going up the ramp takes longer than going up the stairs, or you need to spend time building a ramp before you can get into the building, then the extra time is appropriate.

There are three unsaid reasons for giving extra time that are not in your child’s best interest: .

Information Technology Services supports 101 of the 131 general purpose classrooms & lecture halls on UNL's City and East campuses.

Traditionally, the level of technology assigned to each room has been directly proportional to the number of seats.

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Both academic and technical standards must be met by applicants.