Dating hohner guitars

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Dating hohner guitars

The Japanese models are considered to be of better quality to that of the Korea ones. it seems to have some really hot pups and is in really good shape for a 42 year old axe! IT HAS JAPAN STAMPED UNDER THE TUNERS WITH A GIBSON PLATE [PROBABLY PUT THERE LATER] IS IT A 1970 MODEL? Any Forum you post this question to will ask you for some clear photographs as a starting point.

kcbuck There is no information available for Hohner product dating in my references for electric guitars. If you want information you're going to have to provide as much information and photographs as you can.

Early Japanese Guitars were often made in a factory that manufactured for a number of brands all at the same time, some brands were made especially for music stores/distributors in a particular country.

Please note that this information is only for Hohner stringed instruments sold by authorized dealers in the United States.

The Warranty provided herein is for the lifetime of the original retail purchaser, except for any factory-installed electronic components or tuning hardware, on which the Warranty is for a period of one (1) year from the date of the original retail purchase.: The following stringed instruments are warranted for a period of ONE YEAR from the original date of purchase and are exempt from the Limited Lifetime Warranty as stated above: HC09, HC06, HC03, HC02, HW03, HW200, and HW220.

Many direct descendants of the founder are still active as members of the "Deutsches Harmonika Museum" and the "Hohner'sche Familienverein". Technically named the Marine Band 1896/20 for the year it was introduced and the twenty reeds it possesses, it has been the basis of a number of Hohner's harmonicas over the years.


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