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You can zoom in the Unit Telescopes, Auxiliary Telescopes, the VLT Survey Telescope (VST), Cerro Armazones (home of the ELT) and even the distant volcano Llullaillaco (at an amazing distance of 190 km from Paranal). On extremely clear days the magnificent 6739-metre volcano Llullaillaco is visible in the background of this photograph.

Note that the Moon at times can be so bright that night almost looks like day. It is an amazing 190 kilometres away on the border with Argentina.

Viewers of the live penguin cam will notice that Magellanic penguins are small to medium sized animals.

They are identified by a black band that runs across their breast and belly, and a white band that circles their eyes.

Penguin Camera Magellanic penguins are named for Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan after he first spotted them on the eastern coast of South America during his expedition to the East Indies in 1519.

They are primarily found on rocky shores and islands off the coast of Chile and Argentina.

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We have spent a great deal of time and energy organizing the Southern Brazil surf reports in a way that's simple to use and clearly communicated.Each Southern Brazil surf report page features detailed Southern Brazil tide charts, surf wind data, water temperatures, dependable LOLA surf models and more -- whatever it takes to describe exactly what the surf and conditions are like in Southern Brazil right now is what we provide in our surf reports.We are dedicated to giving you the best, most comprehensive and dependable Southern Brazil surf reports in the business.Running 24 hours a day, the webcam has a light for early mornings when it is still dark to show a glimpse into the forest's nocturnal inhabitant, like the fruit bats.All the webcams were setup by WLT's Web Multimedia Officer, Luciano Breves, who is a wildlife filmmaker and conservationist working to protect the forests of Brazil.

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Web cameras have been placed at many of the ESO sites, allowing anyone to see ESO’s advanced telescopes in action in one of the driest deserts in the world at any time.

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