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In many cases, he’s just taking it day by day, week by week, doing what feels good or what feels right for him about whether this really makes sense for him and for the both of you long term.And so, unfortunately, you experience the effects of his wishy-washiness.In this regime the soft-core shape of the potential is independent of the sign of the bare Rydberg–Rydberg interaction, while its sign can be repulsive or attractive depending on the intermediate state detuning.As a consequence, near-resonant Rydberg dressing in three-level atomic systems may enable the realization of laser driven quantum fluids with long-range and anisotropic interactions and with controllable dissipation.

For example, if one takes a patch such that is small, then the Euler evolution of this patch will have small for arbitrary . The idea of this method is to study the variational problem associated to the conserved quantities. If one considers the 2d Euler equation of incompressible inviscid fluids on the plane in the vorticity form and takes the initial data as the characteristic function of a certain domain, then the Yudovich theory guarantees that the solution will exist globally and will be equal to the characteristic function of a time-dependent domain which is homeomorphic to the original one for all times.

This result generalizes analogous statement for the stability of the disc on the plane (proved by Sideris-Vega). In our case, these are where is a stream function given by Then, we set up a variational problem with constraint We proved that the global minimizer is and if is close to the minimum value for some patch , then is close to in a weak topology. The numerical experiments dating back to the works of P. indicate the existence of the centrally-symmetric V-states, i.e.

a symmetric pair of patches that rotates with constant angular velocity around the origin without changing shape.

Of central interest is controlling the interactions between Rydberg atoms so that they may be engineered to make new devices based on quantum entanglement or used to investigate phenomena that can be better understood by taking advantage of this control.

We theoretically analyze the interactions and decay rates for atoms dressed by multiple laser fields to strongly interacting Rydberg states using a quantum master equation approach.

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In this brief review, the opportunities that the alkaline-earth elements offer for studying new aspects of Rydberg physics are discussed.