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They showed representatives from 40 German companies from the Yangzi Delta what they are capable of at the Tongji University in Shanghai.The unusual event is a good springboard for future careers for the up–and–coming talents and an ideal platform for HEUFT SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY CO. to introduce itself as a competitive supplier of high technology and an attractive employer.The clock is ticking: only eight minutes available.It is therefore important to present oneself to one´s best advantage now before it is the turn of the next candidate – in fact in a foreign language (German). However approximately 100 students from the Chinese–German University of Applied Sciences, the Chinese–German College of Higher Education and the Shanghai–Hamburg College at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology are well prepared for the "speed dating" event organised by the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischen Austauschdienst – DAAD).

The feedback was very positive.”Quentin was also tossing up the pros and cons of selling direct or with someone with an established online platform, but was moving in the direction of the latter.

Because the rapidly growing company of the HEUFT group as technological leader with regard to in–line inspections during the production and packaging of food, drink and healthcare products is constantly looking for new, technology–minded, highly skilled and motivated employees.

The "speed dating" participants who will rate among China´s educated elite after they have graduated meet the required conditions for this.

My target was to meet as diverse a range of singles as I could. Type: Group dinner Price: RMB 300 Amount of dignity lost: My first singles’ event, so I felt like a fish out of water. Male to female ratio: 50-50, alternating boy-girl around the table. “This is highly exceptional,” said Josie Chen, founder of OK Deal Club.

Eye candy factor: Most of the women were just stunning, frankly. Cocktails, Champagne and introductions in the lounge, with no shortage of ogling done by both sexes. “We’ve never had this kind of women-to-men ratio.” But hey -- I liked these odds.

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Greenmount-based organic grain miller Quentin Kennedy was one of 50 people who participated in a business matching event as part of the largest privately-organised delegation of people to Shanghai ever undertaken from Australia.