Updating voting registration in oregon

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Updating voting registration in oregon

States with the capacity to make Oregon’s system a reality should look toward this bold new model, and others should work toward building the technology and infrastructure needed to do so.

Please bring proof of photo identification or residency, as outlined above in the “ By Mail" section above.

In a groundbreaking approach, the new law will streamline registration at the DMV — commonly known as “motor voter” — by replacing a paper-based system with a new process in which the state identifies and adds eligible Oregonians to the rolls electronically — without any action needed by the voter.

Many other states electronically transfer voter registration information from DMV offices to election officials, but Oregon will be the first to put the burden on the government — not the individual — to ensure voters are registered.

REGISTER REPUBLICAN AND GET A REAL CHOICE IF YOU AREN'T REGISTERED TO VOTE YET FOR THE UPCOMING NOVEMBER 8, 2016 GENERAL ELECTION REGISTER BY MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 18, 2016 IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY REGISTERED TO VOTE IN OREGON BUT WISH TO CHANGE TO REPUBLICAN For other information, call the Oregon Republican Party HQ at (503) 595-8881 or send an email to get a Voter Registration card or information about becoming a registered voter in Oregon.

You can also find additional information on voter registration at the Oregon Election Division.

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Oregon was the first state in the country to switch to all-mail voting when Ballot Measure 60 was passed in 1998 by a wide margin.

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