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At best, the advice is misogynistic and at worst, it advocates rape.

Three PUAs were charged with rape in the US last September after bragging online about sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman.

Many movies have been banned for high impact violence and/or cruelty, which is also not allowed by Malaysia's film censorship guidelines.

Censorship guidelines for local movie productions were only slightly eased in March 2010 to allow LGBT characters who could only portray their sexual orientation through hugging the same sex.

That said, plenty of Chinese and Indian girls do indulge.

Malay girls have darker skin than other ethnic groups on the peninsula and many are extremely attractive and feminine.

UK police arrest 12 after ‘evil’ attack on London Bridge Residents trapped in Philipines’ Marawi The Edit: Phoenix headlines New York’s Governors Ball Tiananmen Square vigil in Hong Kong draws thousands APRIL 7 — The friend zone, which implies that women are acting cruelly by refusing to be more than friends with a man, doesn’t exist and only serves to objectify women.

Robinson said it quickly gained popularity due to the "accuracy of its results" through its search filters.

Women are frequently described as “b****es” on PUA websites.

A lot of the advice puts women down and talks about how to manipulate them.

The site doesn't show all the countries' popular search terms, although it does detail the top 10 searches list for most European countries and all the individual states of the US.

Some countries also had very surprising (and worrying) results, such as Lebanon's fourth highest search, which suggested a group activity involving human excrement.

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